allow users to change their IP address while browsing the


allow users to change their IP address while browsing the

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Though many people aren't familiar with anonymous surfing, it's growing fast as a way to surf the Internet. In fact, most browsers these days (Firefox, IE, Opera) come with anonymous surfing settings. Most of the time, this allows for users to use "proxies" or servers that provide cached or requested information from website server, allowing users to surf the Internet without communicating directly with websites. There are other ways as well, such as with a virtual private network, which is a private network of servers that allow users to change their IP address while browsing the Internet. For residents of other countries who want to connect to their German branch for an online meeting, a VOIP call, or data transfer, it may be necessary or convenient to get a German IP address to conduct business. By connecting to a VPN, you'll also be protect from cheap ghd strightener any outsiders from listening in on your business transactions. Many television networks in Germany now provide free streaming of their television shows on the Internet. Like most networks outside of German as well, they restrict access to home-grown IP's. If you wan to watch German television online, you need to get a German IP address to be able to access this free streaming content from Germany. The best way to do this is through a virtual private network. As I mentioned above, proxies just don't work as well as far as security, reliability, and speed goes. If you're depending on this anonymous German IP for business or streaming video, you're going to need a VPN. It will drop fewer connections, and fewer websites will be able to see that you're using an anonymous IP address to mask your own.


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