is only compared to the JUMBO. The JUMBO's


is only compared to the JUMBO. The JUMBO's

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Four strokes teach you how to choose the high quality ugg boots

Now the market has fiber, artificial wool, wool of different materials such as snow boots, snow boots which the wool is most particular about the selection of pure, there are many inferior products or counterfeit products flooding the market, so when purchasing wool snow boots, Four strokes teach you choose pure wool snow boots, can see, touch, smell, burning to be identified: (A) See Carefully observe the wool coat, snow boots fine wool dyes and environmentally friendly use of foreign high-quality additives, the use of advanced technology processing by the coat shiny bright, vivid colors, soft; inferior goods are bleak colors, easy to fade, string color; If it is made of different color stitching snow boots, should pay attention to the existence of the same color aberration; and cut pile ugg boots, suede's smoothness, density will be special attention. (B) touch 1. Hands on the su***ce of wool, fine wool snow boots strict selection density well, and lightly wipe the handle when the delicate, velvet feel; and poor, feel rough, sticky astringent. This is because the quality of wool in Australia kid snow boots fine selection of raw materials, its growing period is shorter, pores, well-preserved, fine fur ghd australia fibers, density uniformity, and flexibility. 2. Separated by hand to see if there are fur hair cracks, leather stitching is solid block, with or without such obvious patchwork. 3. Gently pull fur, whether there is hair loss. Leather ugg boots fine wool board great strength, especially in Australian wool, rabbit fracture load is twice as difficult to hair loss, will not let broken hair stuck in clothes. (C) Press: Will take almost smell the products, high-quality wool imported tanning agents and advanced processing technology, and in the factory prior to sterilization, to prevent mites, bacteria breed, and no odor; while inferior wool grease removal because no net, topic to popular emit unpleasant odors. Wool snow boots used for a period of time, just gently comb with a special comb fur, can be recovered. If a slight stain, can dip a clean towel and gently wipe the volatile PCE dry.

If the stain is too large to be sent to specialty store clean. If the use is insect agents, not direct contact with the fur. In addition, the collection must be well ventilated place to dry before, not exposure. (D)Burning1. Wool products, wool uggs along, the edge slightly to unplug a trace of hair, remove a little thread, with a fire lit, pure wool will first curling smoke from the yellow flame, a smell of burning hair, leaving black brown ash blocks, finger pressure is needed for a fine powder; fake wool to form lumps of cinder after burning, easy to crush, and no smell of burning hair. Burning, blistering hand smoke while burning, the smell associated with burning hair, dust and more brittle shiny black will block. 2. Acrylic products, combustion, while to melt while slow-burning; the flame was white, bright and strong, slightly smoky, with fishy odor, gray to white spherical, brittle and fragile. 3. Nylon products, while slow to melt while burning, a little white smoke when burned, a small blue flame, with celery flavor, Jie light brown lump, hard crush. Product care and common sense: 1. Do not use the washing, folding and pressure not to long. 2. Placed in a ventilated and dry place to store, needs to dry, they should be semi-shade conditions, dry and dried. 3. If you use moth balls and other pest control agents, should be wrapped in gauze and toilet paper, careful not to let direct contact with the hair layer. 4. If there was a slight contamination of wool pad can be used clean towels dipped lightly volatile PCE dry cleaning and in a timely manner. 5. When the dust cleared, sunny weather should be selected with a small stick in the outdoor tap the su***ce layer of hair, if necessary, use a small vacuum cleaner to vacuum clean. 6. Who are able to use the hair dryer and comb gently comb hair su***ce, to maintain its soft natural conditions. UGG AUSTRALIA United States, uggs and ghd snow boots Australia UGGS INTERNATIONAL difference UGG AUSTRALIA United States and Australia UGGS INTERNATIONAL difference? (Other brands also apply in Australia by hand) One difference is the different processing. UGG is a great American brand, I think it's product to do very sophisticated, some style, fashions too good and very fashionable, for the pursuit of critical fashion the details of the person's vision. JUMBO UGG significant because it is hand-made on very rough, very wild, very original, of course, has a unique design, such as waterproof coating design, suitable for wild and brilliant, unique style, informality, lazy unconstrained demand. Both are in Australia with high quality fur. The type of the United States UGG is hard to reflect in the hardness of the fur. In general, sheep fur is very soft leather, I think, the United States UGG leather on the treatment process should be more than JUMBO, so why can not softened.

Of course, I said, the hardness is only compared to the JUMBO. The JUMBO's may be less fur on the treatment process, and therefore it is closer to the original sheep fur, fur boots which are very strong, feeling as if the sheep can hear the sounds UGG AUSTRALIA you produced in Australia No. UGG AUSTRALIA United States brands, most models are made in China, a small number of models manufactured in New Zealand. Some friends need to correct all under the concept. The fur used in the United States UGG Australia's top, this is Australia's relationship. UGG boots snow characteristics of natural leather characteristics introduced Characteristics of natural leather is better than other materials, is that it flexible, breathable, abrasion, folding, beautiful , so is necessary to help high-grade leather material. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site.


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