diamond companies provide lifetime guarantees


diamond companies provide lifetime guarantees

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Grown Diamonds Are Beautiful In Engagement And Wedding Rings
Ladies and Gentlemen, look no further. Lab-grown diamonds are the perfect stone to set in engagement and wedding rings. They're identical in nearly every way to natural diamonds but they're a fraction of the price. What that means is this: You can buy that beautiful piece of bridal jewelry and still afford the honeymoon! Now, how's that for exciting?
That's right, you don't have to forgo that lovely diamond wedding michael kors watches ring that you've had your eyes on for awhile now. You can simply substitute mined diamonds for something more sustainable--synthetic diamonds. These lab created beauties are gaining popularity. In fact, a number of celebrities prefer wearing them because of their luxurious appearance.
In addition to being affordable and brilliant, they are also eco-friendly and conflict-free. You may not know just how unethical some mining companies in Africa can be. They violate human rights and fund wars with the money that they receive for selling the mined diamonds. In fact, the movie, Blood Diamond, with Leo DiCaprio gives people an idea of the atrocities that go on in countries like Sierra Leone. Do you really want to purchase a conflict diamond to put into your grandmother's wedding ring?
Chances are you would say, "No, I would not." Ethical lab-grown diamonds are not associated with questionable practices. They do not affect the environment in a negative way nor do they alienate workers or pay for insurgencies or warlord activities. That's a few of the reasons why so many brides-to-be find them appealing. A wedding is a joyous occasion. Owning a piece of fine jewelry that looks great and you feel good about is quite the accomplishment.
Once your friends and family members get a good look at your eco-friendly diamond, they'll want one of their own. That's the thing about these gorgeous stones. They are every bit as clear and brilliant as mined diamonds. They also cut through glass. No one will dispute their authenticity when they feel how hard these synthetic stones are. Even experts experience difficulty when comparing the two without running a bunch of tests. That goes to show you that lab-grown diamonds are made with care.
Many lab diamond companies provide lifetime guarantees with their products. This is one of the steps they take to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied. If you plan on spending decades wearing the same wedding ring, you'll want to make sure it looks as good as it did the very first day you put it on your finger. Taking advantage of these types of warranties protect your synthetic diamond from damage or becoming discolored.
You can have the engagement and wedding rings of your dreams without the stigma of conflict diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are priced right not to mention stunning and long lasting. You know you're getting your money's worth out of them because many come with a guarantee.


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