we need a fully inspired, high-performing, spiritually fit YOU!


we need a fully inspired, high-performing, spiritually fit YOU!

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3 Time Management Tools For The Mission Driven Business Owner

Youre the leader of a mission-driven business. That means that you too are driven, driven to buck the system, driven to make a difference, driven to create something new. The consequence is long hours on your computer, in your office, in your business.
You think you can go on, driven by this invisible fuel called Inspiration and yet, at times, you find that inspiration is lacking. Youre not alone. No, you cant live on inspiration alone.
You see, weve learned so much from the study of athletic performance. Its doesnt seem so long ago that researchers found that Interval training was THE way to condition an athlete to top performance. Interval training meant that every day in an athletes life looks different. Some days are focused on sprints and short bursts of energy; the next day, the athlete would work in long, even stretches while on even other days the athlete would take it easy, calling it an active recovery day.
What researchers found was that training as hard as possible every day meant a drop in performance over time. Yes, you heard right, training hard and long every day was DECREASING the performance.
Can you see what Im getting at? Yes we, athletic workers, desiring and aiming for highest creativity, highest impact, and sustainable income, work hard EVERY day. Ok, maybe you are in the minority and have figured out how to take great care of yourself. Most of us, though, work hard and long as much as we can possibly keep up.
Based on the research of Interval Training, it makes sense that on long term we get tired; we lose our drive; we stray away from our purpose, and forget our mission.
So, what about the idea of building your business based on the concepts of interval training? Could you schedule your weekly calendar so that on Monday you take most of your calls and have a day of full, deep interaction. Then on Tuesday, could you schedule more quiet, reflective projects with little interaction with the outside? Wednesday could be the day for a day of creative time; nothing scheduled, but have a note pad handy for whatever comes up, and so on.
If you read this and felt instant relief, youre ready to go to your calendar right now and indicate certain days as sprinter days, long distance days, active rest days and even off days. Yes, off means, no electronics, none. It means reconnecting with nature, with the outdoors, with the world of wood and water and organic material.
We live in a world where innovation creates income. If you cant access your inspiration, you cant innovate, no income, no impact, no difference.
What do you think? Will you make a commitment right now to look at your week a bit differently and give your brain, body and soul a break? I hope so.
We need you, the world needs you but we dont need a tired you, we need a fully inspired, high-performing, spiritually fit YOU!
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