LV kept us the good work and launched a white checkerboard


LV kept us the good work and launched a white checkerboard

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Galliera series is a welcomed collection in the group; it¡¯s full of deep intention and easy to use, soft material protrudes the fashion and femininity feature. And its special round cutting possesses the modern feeling, which make it combine with the user. Louis Vuitton metal first appeared in the monogrammed patterns, as a precious detail, it symbolizes the importance of design of Galliera. And Among the Galliera family, Louis Vuitton Galliera PM is the most welcomed one. Galliera took its name from Palais Galliera, which is a fashion palace in Paris; it was built in 19th century, once belonged to the duke family. From its unveiling in 1977 to now, it has Gucci Bags become the recent modern Museum, and has held several famous fashion shows. This iconic name, just Gucci Outlet like Louis Vuitton, represents the essence of luxurious products. And this is its origin, when we talk about it nowadays, we will remind of its cultural backgrounds and the strong atmosphere in culture and arts make it full of attraction. Louis Vuitton Galliera PM also brings us the cultural colors.
In 2008, the designers launched two models, Monogrammed Canvas Tote Bag Galliera GM and Louis Vuitton Galliera PM; they are both made of Monogram canvas, and equipped with microfiber lining, natural cowhide leather trimmings, magnetic closure, interior side pocket with flap and snap, adjustable shoulder strap, and LV metal plate. Actually the interior designs are very simple, but when the designs create the details, they consider about the mood of users, so they are sought-after all kinds of stylish women.
Just because of the success in summer of 2008, LV kept us the good work and launched a white checkerboard pattern in the winter of that year, also gained a lot of money. Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Bag is inspired by the Riviera in France; its design is brimming with sailing breath, fresh design may make us enjoy a relaxed Gucci Handbags life. And they have several commons, the magnetic closure is likely to be safer, interior side pockets with flap and snap looks like very typical and also secure, adjustable shoulder strap provides us the conveniences, and the round shape offers enough holding capacity for ours articles.
Louis Vuitton Galliera PM is full of ftheshionable style, special round shape just like a pumpkin and holding capacity, which is convenient for us to carry, just due to these features, it¡¯s so welcomed in the modern life.


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